Ed Crossley started his Personal Training Standard apprenticeship journey back in April 2021. Ed was given his opportunity at Athlete Movement by the owner Luke Binding.

"I decided to complete an apprenticeship as it meant i could earn money whilst learning, unlike other forms of education that can be a huge financial detriment lasting a lifetime."

Ed’s apprentice superpowers are his passion for the gym environment and his commitment to consistent improvement in himself and others.  

"I have learnt a lot on my apprenticeship from kinesiology, anatomy and communication skills, however the nutrition section has impacted mine and my families lifestyle, because it was the most enlightening i would say I have enjoyed nutrition the most."

At Athlete movement he is in his natural habitat and has already attracted international recognition by achieving 2nd place International Powerlifting World Championships, and holding British squat, bench and total records. 

"The apprenticeship has helped guide me towards constantly bettering myself professionally and personally. Also myself confidence has improved during the apprenticeship, and having gained the ability to help people live healthier lives I feel a higher level of job satisfaction."

His attitude, politeness and respect are clearly demonstrated each week - with his tutors and classmates. As someone once told us on a site visit to Athlete Movement - “Everyone loves Ed, how can you not…..”

"After completing my apprenticeship I will start my own personal training business. However the momentum gained in my personal development will not decrease and i will continue learning everyday."