Funding Information for Employers

£2000 - Plans For Jobs Payment

April 2020 to September 2021 any employer that hires a new apprentice will receive £3,000, This includes anyone employed during this period who is paid through your PAYE scheme.

£1000 Young Apprentice Employer Incentive

The employer incentive for providing an apprenticeship to 16-18 year, or 18-24 with a (ECHP) Educational health Care plan is still available in addition to plans for jobs incentive.

5% Non Levy Charge

All Employers who don't pay the Apprenticeship Levy have to contribute 5% of the overall funding cost of the apprenticeship - So a £5000 apprenticeship will cost you £250 - SME's can have 10 apprentices at one time.

Apprenticeship Wages

As apprentices are receiving funded training and education, they have a separate wage structure from other employees.

Young Apprentices (16-18) or 19+ in their first year - the Minimum wage is £4.30 per hour

*Over 19 Apprentices in their 2nd year must be paid the minimum wage for their age.