Safeguarding & Personal Development Matters Curriculum Calendar 

Alternating between both important safeguarding and personal development topics monthly to further enrich the education our learners receive with us at Elev8 Training Limited.

At the beginning of the topic period, our learners will be sent a training module to complete on the subject, with checks for completion, either with learners simply alerting us that they have completed the task or on some occasions they will be asked to send the certificates they've earned as proof. Following this our learners will be surveyed for their knowledge, experiences and views in order to understand how well they engaged with the training as well as flag any immediate issues that need addressing with them. Some initial training modules, such as the Side by Side training module may not require a follow up survey

Data from the surveys is collected by the Safeguarding support, to be passed onto the Safeguarding lead to be analysed and summarised for review by the Safeguarding Team during monthly meetings to discuss any immediate issues or if changes are required to be made in the future.

The calendar ends in August, which is our recap month. Learners will have short activities to complete on each topic they have completed throughout the year to test how much information they have retained.

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